nVIDIA nForce v3.22 Remix Driver Win2K/XP
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 조회 : 1743 , 2003/11/25 22:32
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nVIDIA nForce 3.22 Remix

Looking for a great driver that will fix some of you sound issues. This driver was created with that in mind. It uses the 3.75 beta sound drivers that has fixed some peoples sound issues.While still giving you the best sounding driver and gaming performance that you like to have.This driver has no display drivers for people using Ati cards and Dial-up users. Try this nForce remix drivers which have been created to make you finally feel good about your NVIDIA nForce hardware! This nForce Win2K/XP driver package contains the below components Audio driver 3.75 Beta Audio utilities 3.75 Beta Ethernet driver 3.39 (WHQL) + TOT.nvu GART driver 3.43 (WHQL) MemCtl driver 3.38 (WHQL) + TOT.nvu SMBus driver 3.43 IDE In-the-box 3.44 and 2.70 Installer 3.77 International Version only No display drivers Enjoy!

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