R3DTweak 3.0 Beta 4
 노상재 (비회원)
 조회 : 2729 , 2001/11/29 13:17
초고속 100Mb 다운 | 다운로드링크 복사

보드나라 자료실은 전용 고속회선으로 최대 100Mbps의 초고속 다운로드를 제공합니다
IE9 사용자는 다운로드가 응답하지 않을경우 도구-옵션-삭제 클릭하여 캐시 삭제후 클릭하세요

Added tweaks under Win2k/XP to enable/disable the refresh rate fix checking
Ability to Disable the Memory Latency & Memory Timings settings individually
TweakKilla has been added to clear out all traces of R3DTweak from system
Ability to change sound hotkey to wave volume instead of master volume
Reorganized the categories in the tweaks tab to make a bit more sense
Ability to enable memory timings & latency individually on the OC tab
Updated Refresh rate fix in GameUtil for better 2K/XP functionality
Updated the 800x600 tweak to work with more games
Updated GameUtil & OC tab v.007 with some fixes
Custom Display Modes tab v.007 has some fixes

Windows 98 SE
Windows 2000
Windows NT4
Windows ME
Windows 98
Windows XP

All-In-Wonder Radeon
Radeon 64MB DDR
Radeon 32MB DDR
Radeon 32MB SDR
Radeon 8500LE
Radeon 8500
Radeon 7200
Radeon VE
Radeon LE


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